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High speed racing game on a futuristic neon style, procedurally generated worlds, with various play modes designed to challenge your driving skills. This is a demo version intended to get feedback only, so please, leave a comment after you've played it for a while. There's still a lot of work to do, you may find missing stuff or bugs, please report any problems. 

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Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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I played the game and do have some things I'd like to comment, first of all player feedback and controls. Altough after some time I figured them all out, the UI at first impression works only with keyboard and then when I was trying to select the track to race in, I found that I needed to scroll with the mouse to see the rest of tracks. That wasn't very intuitive. Now when I was playing the tracks in battle mode I couldn't find out what the sword icon was for, I assumed it was for attacking and after a couple of laps undestand that it's some sort of charge for attacking, same thing with the shield. At this point letting the player know what it is and how to use it will be nice, I mean, I started pressing all of the keyboard keys to find out how to fire untill I found that space bar was that for... (right?). I coudln't finish this mode in 1st place tough. Now on race mode (it's really a shame championship mode is still unavailable, that will add a lot more retention to the game), I first raced on easy mode, wasn't too difficult so I went straight to hard mode, I do have experience playing racing games particularly NFS in several of its editions, and altough racing is a great motivation, I believe that for the kind of sci-fi styled game you have there it may be suittable for additional features like boost marks, power ups, or additional motivators that keep the players hooked to racing. For instance, in NFS you used to have a race where you must not scratch the car at any cost, that added tons of extra fun and carefullness when speeding up....

About the music, it is fine but would be a lot more fun if it gets more intense as you speed up and keep off crashing. The UI is minimalistic, I think it suits the game, nevertheless don't spare on adding visuals to make it more impressive. 

In general I liked the game, keep up the good work, just think for long therm player retention and improve feedback since not everyone will be able to descipher controls and mechanics, some instructions will be nice.

Thank your for playing the game and sharing your experience. Yes there's still a lot of details to polish in the UI. Yes you shot with the space bar, the sword icon gives you bullets that you can shot whenever you like and it shows you that on the UI, but after reading you comments it seems like that's information is passing unnoticed to the player, so that's another issue to solve on the UI department. The championship mode is still unavailable hope to have a preview soon. This is still a Work In Progress, so there are missing and unfinished features. I understand for many players music is  very important aspect of the game however sadly that is scheduled ad the last step on the development process, so most likely it won't change until very close to the release date. I do appreciate very much your comments, and will take them into account. Please stay tuned for the next update, hope to hear from you then.

Sorry for not playing the game, but watching the video the gates passing you seemed too intense an effect. Could it be more subtle, less distracting?

The video is not  updated as often as the game itself, so it does not necessarily correspond to the latest version nor reflects the actual game play.  The current version contains some adjustments on the intensity and color of the side barriers but those changes haven't been recorded on video yet, so please give it a try and if after playing it for a while you still think it requires more tuning I will gladly add it to my todo list. Thank you for your comments and hope to hear form you again.