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Wormhole Rider is a new kind of space shooter where gravity plays a main roll in the game play, adding an extra level of challenge. It demands a lot of observation and fast thinking.

Your mission is to clear the wormhole in order for it to be safe for other ships to travel through it, but the gravitational attraction inside is so strong that even objects with a small mass can affect the trajectory of other objects flying around, this can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on the amount, speed and mass of the nearby objects so be sure to take that into account and don't get distracted because there are enemies patrolling the wormhole and they'll fight you if they detect you. 

The game features 2 camera mode which allow you to play it either from a first or third person perspective.

Install instructions

If Windows tells you that SmartScreen prevented this file from running, you can click on "More Info" and then on "Execute Anyway".


wr12.apk 31 MB
wr_windows_pc.zip 37 MB

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